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A Few Words About Us

about us Rossi Law Offices, Ltd. is an established firm exclusively concentrating in the collection of delinquent accounts for over thirty-five years. Through out the years our firm has grown significantly and because of our experience, our clients confidently refer their delinquent accounts to our firm because of our proven success in this concentrated field of collection law. We currently practice in and cover all areas throughout RI, MA and CT.

Our areas of debt collection include but are not limited to:

Health Care

health care We represent a wide variety of health care clients in all specialties of health care. Our clients range from small private offices to large facilities and hospitals. Each of our clients are confident that we ensure patient confidentiality and we are fully compliant with health care privacy laws. Patients are treated with respect and provided with information based on facts which results in more payments. clients


Health Care Client List

health care

Hospitals, Walk in Treatment Centers, Sole Practictioners, Fire/Rescue, Emergency Rooms, Dental, Large Multi-Physiscian Practices

State & Municipal Tax Assessments and Fines

municipal tax asst and fines Many government entities are confident in our collection abilities because of our experience in collecting such debt, our ability to handle large volumes of accounts having systematic plans of batch processing and because we are a law firm, we are well versed with governmental laws. collections


State & Municipal Tax Assessments Collection

health care

Motor Vehicle Taxes, Tangible/Personal Property Taxes, Water Assessments, Sewer Assessments, Parking Tickets, Municipal Court Fines, Public Work Fines, Police Details, State Fines

Consumer & Commercial Debt

consumer and commercial debt Our consumer and commercial divisions encompass many diverse clients such as: financial institutions, retail organizations, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and small businesses. Our clients have come to rely on our services as part of a sound business plan. Debts include but are not limited to: collections


Consumer & Commercial Debt Collection

health care

Credit Cards, Load Recovery, Sale of Goods/Services

Spirit of Innovation

Professionalism Innovation Experience



Our clients are represented with a professional image throughout every stage of the collection process. All support staff are well trained in debt collection by the attorneys of the firm and conduct themselves professionally. Communication with our clients is of great importance and we encourage client feedback. Our client relations and marketing departments are specifically geared toward client inquires and services.



We hold firmly that in order to maintain our competitiveness and success we must continually upgrade and advance in the most up to date technology. Rossi Law Offices, Ltd. routinely assesses our technology to ensure that we are fully equipped with sufficient equipment thereby continuing to provide the best collection services.



Our clients have come to rely on the constant flow of revenue we provide each month and know that we get the job done. More importantly we have built strong relationships with them by providing reliable collection and legal services. Our effectiveness has been demonstrated and as a result clients trust that we can collect more for their business than traditional approaches to debt collection.

Continuously finding new solutions and striving to perfect our collection process sets us apart from our competition. Implementing a collection program with the most up to date technological advances is one of the most crucial factors in seeking a successful firm to collect your delinquent accounts.

We continuously seek methods to upgrade our collection process and technology by attending educational collection seminars and technology exhibits. A payment website,, is maintained and updated to enable debtors to make payments or propose payment plans online.

Be it utilizing more efficient skip tracing methods or streamlining our collection process, we maximize your recoveries by utilizing all the tools available to us as a collection law firm; something others cannot offer.

Practicing law in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut

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