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Practice Areas At Rossi Law Offices, Ltd. we value the lasting relationships we have built with our clients and welcome you to join in our success. Our clients are fully confident that we handle their accounts with skill and efficiency. Throughout every stage of our process, your professional image is of great concern. Your need to know is of paramount importance therefore we have specific protocol for follow up and reporting. Below are some of the many services you receive as a client of Rossi Law:

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  • Attorney Involvement
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  • Experiences and Professional Support Staff
  • Online Submittal of Accounts
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  • Remote Client Access to Your Accounts


Your need to be kept informed is important to us. We provide the following, informational reports on your collection accounts:



Payment Reports

Every month a report of all payments will be generated. This report shows the application of payments, whether the account is paid or a remaining balance due. Our remittance check will be included with this report.


Acknowledgement Reports

Upon entry of the accounts into our computer system, a report will be generated listing each debtor. This report will be issued to you to confirm receipt of all accounts and to verify amounts due.


Status Reports

Upon request, you will receive a report of each debtor stating where the debtor is in the collection process [the status] and the amount due.


Customized Reports

From time to time, you may have the need for a specific report. Our system can generate almost any type of report upon request.

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