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Collection Fees

Rossi Law Offices Offers the Best and Most Economical Fees to Provide the Highest Net Recovery

Collection FeesThe actual collection fee charged by Rossi Law will take into consideration all factors including volume of accounts, historic rates of collection, average balances, prior work performed on the accounts and other relevant factors. Our goal is to provide the highest Net Recovery to our clients.

Rossi Law stands for the proposition that the collection fee rate charged should only be one component of your evaluation of the true expense incurred in collecting your accounts.

The true measure of the most economical fee rate is found not in the collection fee rate itself expressed in a percentage number but in the end result: the Net Recovery realized by the creditor from their delinquent accounts after the collection fee is paid.

The Net Recovery realized is a function of:

  • collection fee rate + amount of work = gross collections
  • gross collections – collection fee = Net Dollar Recovery to Client

Our collection fee will likely be the most economical because we can and do perform the most needed work on the accounts (including lawsuits if needed) to collect the greatest amount possible. Coupled with a well-adjusted collection fee rate our collection services offer the best value because our clients experience some of the highest Net Recoveries – the only true measure.

With Rossi Law Offices you will have the best opportunity to realize the highest NET DOLLAR RECOVERY from your delinquent accounts.

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