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Data and Systems Security

Data Security Data breaches and security threats are very real and are taken seriously at Rossi Law Offices, LTD. At Rossi Law Offices we have implemented a multi-tier control system to ensure that your security and compliance needs are met or exceeded at every turn.

Electronic Communications

Encrypted Email Security begins with our communications. All email communication to you, as our client, is sent via encrypted email through the ZixCorp Encryption Gateway, the foremost leader in today’s email encryption technology. This system also allows you to respond by encrypted email, all while requiring no equipment, software, installs or special knowledge on your part. You will receive, read and respond to emails in your Outlook, Smartphone, or other mail services and devices as you normally would. This is achieved simply using a password that you choose and create. Due to the completely “behind the scenes” nature of this service, the actual content of the emails is not even technically stored on your devices or servers—removing one more piece that you previously would have had to secure.

Account Data Placement

Secure Servers Clients can place their delinquent accounts confident that all information stored on each account will be secure. To ensure the highest level of security we have dedicated and secure upload points, that are internally owned and operated onsite.

Once received, total Encryption of the account data information is extended to all our servers and access stations, with the use of Whole Disk on the fly encryption. Information storage is limited to select servers, with employees only having access to files as specifically required in their job role.

Physical Security is also an important component of safe guarding your data. Only employees are allowed to enter the building via controlled security doors requiring visual id for entry. Debtors are limited to a designated payment section prior to entry of the main building. As with most facilities, cctv cameras are in place externally and at entry points. Access to the server room is restricted to the systems administrator and IT personnel only. Storage or removal of files from the network is prohibited and prevented via USB software locks, auditing and alarming of network traffic, and various other measures.

Overarching all systems are multiple security appliances that log, monitor, and prevent the sending and receiving of malicious or inappropriate items, viruses, spyware, malware, trojans, wurms, and unauthorized access attempts & attacks. Coupled with daily human auditing and checks, this addresses a host of ever-evolving threats and compliance concerns.

Rossi Law Offices Staff & IT personnel will always be fully available to meet and exceed your security and compliance concerns.


Submittal of Accounts

Submitting your collection accounts may be done in a variety of ways. The most common is electronic submittal. However, we do accept manual [paper] submittal of accounts. You also have the convenience of submitting your own accounts via online client services.


Demand Letters

A series of demand letters is sent to each debtor under specific parameters set by an attorney. Our system keeps track of each letter sent.

This letter series is particularly designed to impress upon the debtor the importance of the debt and the need to respond.

The letter series is also important because it allows us to clear up any questions or problems the debtor may have with the account and to arrange payment installments if the debtor has found himself or herself in financial trouble.


Telephone / Mail / Web Inquiries

Our letters invariably generate telephone and mail inquiries. We have found that there is a direct and positive payment response to well informed, prompt and thorough replies to all inquiries. As a result we view all inquiries as an opportunity to accelerate the collection process. In most cases we have found that accounts are paid faster and in full. Any legal issues that may be raised by the debtors are promptly reviewed by the firm's attorneys and resolved in the appropriate manner.

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