Step By Step

Perfecting The Process

When it comes to debt collections, we’ve spent the last 40 years perfecting our process. Each meticulous step honed to consider the person on the other end, and how we can effectively collect the most possible from delinquent accounts.

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Collection is Methodical

Debtor Communication

Whether it be our collection letters, emails or phone calls we successfully manage communication in a prompt, informative and courteous manner.

Payment Plans

Work with debtors closely to implement payment plans that are fair.

Payment Methods

Easy electronic payment methods through

Find Debtors

Find debtors who have moved.


Only for those believed to be able to pay but refuse to pay.


Our Fees are Competitive

What does it cost to have your delinquent debt worked comprehensively and by a law firm?

Not much. Our fees are most competitive in the industry and since you may experience a higher rate of collection maybe even less.

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Data Security is paramount and a perpetual concern

HIPAA and other confidentiality regulations and statutes strictly adhered to.

Our firm operation is organized around a core of data security protocols whether in data storage, communications (especially with medical patients), individual work stations, emails and other communications.