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RossiSign Compare the resources of a collections attorney to a collection agency. The conventional approaches to collect debts consisted of outsourcing receivables to a collection agency. What may have been an effective approach in the past is quickly becoming obsolete due to the limitations of collection agencies. Debtors have become more sophisticated in the techniques used to avoid collection agencies and as a result creditors are looking for a better alternative.

RossiBuilding Collections are a process of reaching each debtor's threshold for payment. Although some will pay upon initial contact some may have a threshold that will not be reached until they receive our letters, a lawsuit is filed or post judgment enforcement is implemented. It takes a law firm that is completely concentrated in collections with the ability to invest in the latest, most sophisticated collection technology available today. Further, the best way to ensure a high success rate is to develop and utilize a collection process that systematically treats each delinquent account to a programmed process of collections to reach as many payment thresholds as possible.

Our clients have found that after in-house efforts are exhausted they prefer to submit their accounts to a collection law firm such as Rossi Law Offices, Ltd. because many debtors will only pay when they feel there is a need: when an attorney is involved.

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