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Delinquency is a legal problem

If you’re not using an attorney for debt collection, you’re missing out. Only an attorney can pursue delinquent debts with the proper approach, and follow-through that’s necessary to collect all you deserve.

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We're a Law Firm

We're a one stop shop for debt collections.

Large Capacity

We have a capacity to handle clients with 100,0000+ of delinquent accounts

Refined Process

We’ve spent the last 40 years perfecting our process.

Humans Serving Humans

Our areas of debt collection include but are not limited to:
Health Care

We represent a wide variety of health care clients in all specialties of health care. Our clients range from small private offices to large facilities and hospitals. We ensure patient confidentiality and we are fully compliant with health care privacy laws. Patients are treated with respect and dignity.

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State & Municipal

Many government entities are confident in our collection abilities because of our experience in collecting such debt, our ability to handle large volumes of accounts having systematic plans of batch processing and because we are a law firm, we are well versed with governmental laws.

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Consumer & Commercial

Our consumer and commercial divisions encompass many diverse clients such as: financial institutions, retail organizations, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and small businesses. Our clients have come to rely on our services as part of a sound business plan.

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All rights reserved © Rossi Law 2022

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