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For over forty years, Rossi Law healthcare collection attorneys have been serving medical practices in RI, MA & CT with the successful recoveries of overdue payments. With a specialized focus in healthcare collections, we have a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies surrounding the healthcare industry. Our proven track record and expertise is why so many medical practices choose Rossi Law to provide medical payment recovery solutions.

If you are a medical practice, dental practice or hospital, it’s likely you’ve had to deal with recovery of overdue medical payments on a regular basis. Medical bills for hospital care, in office care, emergency care, nursing visits, and other forms of treatment can often be too much to handle. Patients can struggle to make payment simply because it is something they cannot afford. Other times there may be disagreements between patients and insurance companies over the balances due for each party.

Whether deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance or self-pay, medical practices and providers may look to a debt collection agency to manage accounts receivables. However, these agencies can often lack resources and legal expertise which can hurt their ability to engage with patients. Working directly with legal firms who specialize in collection recovery increases chances of success while cutting out the middleman and avoiding unnecessary agency fees.

Don’t let unpaid medical bills affect the financial health and success of your medical practice! Contact Rossi Law today for quick, effective action towards revenue collection.

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Our Process

Understanding how crucial reputations are in the healthcare field, we know that payment recovery is best accomplished while maintaining a healthy patient-business relationship. We take a sensitive and compassionate approach to the patient to foster engagement and steady communication. Our aim is to gain a thorough understanding of the patient and their situation so we can best devise a payment solution that works for all parties involved.

Our methodical, multi-step collection recovery is well-ordered and built around a collaborative nature with the patient. While we aim to recover payments quickly as possible, we always have contingency plans in place knowing that issues of insurance are not always well understood. As outstanding balances remain unpaid, the frequency and urgency of our high level contact increases. These steps include:

  • Initial contact involving FDCPA validation notice letter
  • Follow up letters, email communications, and phone calls
  • Negotiation process with the patient including insurance questions
  • Payment plan setup
  • Lawsuit but only as an optional remedy if viable and necessary.

Throughout our contact with the patient, we aim to allow the patient to gain an understanding of why the payment is overdue and how we can work to resolve the debt. Forming a relationship with the patient is important to us because it keeps lines of communication open. With a better understanding of the patient's situation, we can provide customized financial solutions that work for all parties involved.

Customized Debt Collection Strategies

We realize that every business has different priorities, concerns, and relationships with clientele. Rossi Law adapts to you and your unique case, considering ourselves an extension your accounts receivables team. We take the time to understand your business and your objectives to tailor a strategy that is entirely seamless and stress-free for all parties involved.

Seamless Experiences

We make payment processing simple and effective with an online payment portal. Our transparent reporting and availability ensures you are always kept up to date with account statuses, and communication is always entirely open between our attorneys and clients.

Ethical Standards & Compliance

At Rossi Law, we uphold the highest ethical standards and adhere to all industry regulations including the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) and Regulation F promulgated by the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB). We prioritize patient relations to preserve the healthcare provider’s integrity by being respectful and professional. We know we can achieve better outcomes by being 100% compliant and by fostering strong relationships between medical providers and patients.

Legal Expertise

The complexities surrounding medical debt can make collections difficult for medical professionals and agencies. Insurance claims, medical billing codes and laws can all pose problems if they are not thoroughly understood.

Rossi Law's legal expertise allows us to navigate these obstacles so we can recover debts efficiently and effectively. Unlike collection agencies, we possess a legal expertise that debtors often feel confident in their dealings. This leverage we use to our advantage in building high success rates, while retaining an amicable and cooperative nature throughout the process.


After all efforts have been exhausted some clients will opt to file a lawsuit to collect the debt. We are careful to screen each account prior to suit to try to determine those who appear to have the ability to pay but refuse to pay. Which accounts are sued, if any, is totally within the control and discretion of the medical provider. If you want lawsuit follow up with those who can pay but refuse, we can do that at no additional fee.

When faced with the collection of accounts receivables for your medical or dental practice, choose a law firm that is dedicated to your success and patient-centric values. The attorneys at Rossi Law are healthcare collection experts, working with you at every step to achieve your revenue cycle goals. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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