Municipal Collection Lawyers in RI, MA & CT

Municipal Collection Lawyers

With over forty years of experience in municipal debt collection, particularly in the realm of delinquent tax bills, Rossi Law’s team of lawyers has provided strategic and ethical solutions that ensure the financial health of government entities. Working closely with cities and towns throughout southern New England, we have refined and perfected a comprehensive collection system proven to succeed by securing unpaid taxes and municipal debts.

What Rossi Law Brings to Municipalities:

  • High Recovery Rates
  • Strategic Approach
  • Legal Expertise
  • Transparency & Communication (Explaining why the tax is due)
  • Expert Negotiations

Licensed to represent clients in RI, MA & CT, we are committed to the management of their delinquent tax accounts and other assessments. Each municipality’s unique circumstance requires a strategic approach, but the financial health and public relations of the entity we always consider to be of paramount importance.

Our Process

Although our aim is to always collect payments expediently, we know there will often be steps to overcome in debt collection. Taxpayers can frequently re-locate, change their contact information, or dispute the overdue payments. Acting as an extension of your team, we are focused on efficiency by using advanced technology to minimize lost time and enhance our research and collection methods. We automate, streamline, and maximize production of your accounts receivables. Our high level of contact includes sending letters, emails, and making phone calls at scale but with a friendly, personalized touch.

Once we establish communication, taxpayers either make payment right away or the negotiation process begins. The longer the debts remain unpaid, the more frequent and urgent our contact with the debtor becomes. Throughout the process we are friendly and respectful, but we make it clear that we do have legal authority to file a lawsuit if one is needed.

Our ability to take legal action is crucial to our high success rate and separates us from the average collection agency, but we always do our best to avoid filing suits. When we are able to come to an agreement, our online payment portal makes it easy for taxpayers to make payments securely and seamlessly. No fee is ever charged to pay electronically.

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Working with Rossi Law’s collection attorneys means getting results for public and private government entities. When you need to collect overdue taxes and payments, municipalities across RI, MA, & CT look to Rossi Law to recover debts and improve cash flow. Contact us today for a free consultation

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