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Attorney-Client Partnership

Consider us your partner when you refer your accounts for collection.

We adapt ourselves to your way of doing things. Whether you require one-time special reports or periodic reports, special methods of communication, special procedures to refer delinquent accounts, we can do it for you. Think of our firm as a seamless extension of your accounts receivable department.

Experienced Client Support Staff

Meaningful Attorney Involvement

Versatile Methods of Account Referral

Prompt Responses to Questions

Problem Resolution

Immediate Payment Confirmations

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Our Payment Portal

Payments & Communication

Our payment portal is easy to use. As with the rest of our collection process, we strive to make the end result of making a payment as efficient as possible.

No extra charge is ever imposed by us for credit card, check by phone or any other electronic payments.

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Our Fees are Very Competitive

What does it cost to have your delinquent debt worked by a law firm?

Nothing more than any other collection agency. There is no extra charge if the account is sued upon.

Data Security is paramount and a perpetual concern

HIPAA and other confidentiality regulations and statutes strictly adhered to.

Our firm operation is organized around a core of data security protocols whether in data storage, communications (especially with medical patients), individual work stations, emails and other communications.

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